What is Nim Sound?

Nim Sound is a passion project run by the two good friends Kasper Stub and Oliver.
The purpose is to showcase the underground scene of House and Techno music through awesome long-form video content. 

At the moment we create live videos from different venues and parties called ‘Nim Sound TV’. 
We also have a conversation based podcast show called ‘Behind The Beat’. 

A lot of time, energy and love goes into the production of our content and we truly hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Behind The Beat

Join Kasper Stub from Nim Sound, as he tries to get a better understanding of how the music industry works. 

This is a show based around conversations with different people of the music industry. You’ll find conversations with artists, managers, event makers, club owners and many others. 
The aim is to give you tangible knowledge to implement in your own music career. 

The focus is on electronic music, but some of the lessons learned may be applicable to other aspects of the music industry. 

Nim Sound TV

Nim Sound TV is videos recorded live at different events and venues of artists doing what they love – playing music! 

We do not only focus on the artist as the magical moments comes tandem with the people of the dance floor.

Have a look for your self, we are certain you will enjoy it.  

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