About Nim Sound

Nim Sound was founded back in the beginning of 2016 by Kasper Stub with the purpose of showcasing the underground scene of House and Techno music. Prior to the establishment of Nim Sound, there was nothing be found showcasing all talent and passion on the intimate Danish rave scene. We have changed that.

Nim Sound is a project striving to produce top of the line quality content with a focus on the long-form formats. We yearn to educate you and strive to showcase the underground so that you may want to participate.

At the moment we are producing two types of content. A conversation-based podcast called ‘Behind The Beat’ hosted by Kasper Stub. We also produce live recorded ‘concert’ videos called ‘Nim Sound TV’ which features a diverse selection of artists at many different venues and events.

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and are always looking for inspiration and cool ideas. If you have a great idea that you’d like us to do, or perhaps another inquiry, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at info.nimsound@gmail.com.

The guys behind Nim Sound

Kasper Stub

Main Chief & creator of Nim Sound

Oliver Pedersen

All-round nice guy & Passionate partner in Crime

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