September 2, 2019

How To Finish Music w. Djuma Soundsystem

In this episode of ‘Behind The Beat’ by Nim Sound, we are chatting with Afrohouse producer and dj, Djuma soundsystem.

Djuma Soundsystem and Kasper Stub are, amongst things, talking about how to finish music and when to know that you are done. They will be touching on the subject of making a living as a musician and touring the world playing as a Dj and the stuggles of producing music on the go.

Questions from the listeners

In about two weeks we will be updating this post with a transcription of the entire conversation with Djuma Soundsystem. Furthermore, we will also be asking him some more questions, from you the listener.

So if you have a question for Djuma Soundsystem please feel free to ask it over on the video upload on Youtube video or on Facebook.

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