November 12, 2019

How To Run A Record Label w. Jens From Blindfold Recordings

How do you start and run a record label with a focus on electronic music?

Jens Christian has been heavily invested in the electronic music scene. He is part of the duo Baime and have achieved playing at Watergate in Berlin and playing a live set at Roskilde Festival, which are some serious bucket list gigs to play!
Besides being part of the melodic techno duo, Baime with his friend Mikael he also runs a record label with him and Pete Oak called ‘Blindfold Recordings’.
In today episode we are talking about how Jens got in to electronic music and of course his affiliation with Baime and Blindfold recordings. We talk about good methods of working together, how to start a label and run it effectively.

Questions from the listeners

In about two weeks we will be updating this post with a transcription of the entire conversation. Furthermore, we will also be asking him some more questions, from you the listener.

So if you have a question, please feel free to ask it over on the video upload on Youtube video or on Facebook.

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