September 16, 2019

Make A Living In The Electronic Music Industry w. Tim Andresen

In this episode of ‘Behind The Beat’ by Nim Sound, we are talking with Tim Andresen who has been making a living in the electronic music industry for more than two decades.

He is a man of many hats as he is both an experienced dj, a great producer, a passionate label owner of ‘What Happens’ and ‘Savour Faire Music’ and he is also a club owner of the legendary venue Culture Box in Copenhagen.

So in todays episode we are chatting about –  amongst things – about how to make a living in the electronic music industry, how a dj residency can affect your creativity and how to get noticed as an upcoming artist in a flooded market.

Questions from the listeners

In about two weeks we will be updating this post with a transcription of the entire conversation with Tim Andresen. Furthermore, we will also be asking him some more questions, from you the listener.

So if you have a question for Tim Andresen please feel free to ask it over on the video upload on Youtube video or on Facebook.

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